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Announcements of the Winners from Western Calendar 2018

OCTA Young Artists 2018 Western Calendar Winners

Announcing the Winners in the 2018 Calendar Contest

The art work for the 2018 calendar “Emigrant and Indian – Musical Instruments-2018” has been selected.

CONGRATULATIONS to our young budding artists whose work was selected, and also THANKS to all the other students who submitted their work and their teachers.

The fourteen students honored are listed with their teachers and their schools. They are: Yumi Warner – Mrs. Bitner 4th grade, Bennion Elementary, Taylorsville, UT; Samantha Jo Kirk– Mrs. Kolarik, 4th grade, Maggie Moloney– Mrs. Janner, 3rd grade, John Paul II, Overland Park, KS; Teddy Tak, Joshua Stevens – Mrs. Conrad, 4th grade, Brandon Xu – Mrs. Banis, 4th grade, Olivia Brandeis – Mr Thorpe, 4th grade, Golden View Elementary School, San Ramon, CA; Brooke Schwartz, Aislinn Arveseth– Mrs. Calli Hodson, 5th grade, Isaac Lowry, Treyson Ford, Stuart Pahnke– Mrs. Lowry, Grace Gibby, Amanda Wilkinson, 5th grade, Canyon Rim Academy, Salt Lake City, UT.

There are a limited number of 2018 calendars available for purchase for $10.00 through OCTA headquarters.

The theme for our 2019 calendar is “Emigrant and Indian – Types of Dwellings.” For more information about the contest and its procedures click on “Call for Artists – Western Calendar” below.

Outstanding Educator Award

Our first program, the Outstanding Educator Award seeks to honor some of these outstanding educators and institutions for their fine work. The award includes a $250.00 honorarium. Nominations for the Outstanding Educator Award are open to any individual and/or group of educators or institution that contributes significantly to students’ education about the 19th century westward overland migrations in the United States.

Activity Book Raffle

Each winter we sponsor our second program, an activity book raffle for a class set of one of our specially developed activity books on the Oregon-California Trail, Mormon Trail, Lewis and Clark Trail and Pony Express Trail.

Western Calendar

Each year the Oregon-California Trails Association (OCTA) produces a special western calendar based on a particular theme. The calendar will be created using the original artwork of elementary students. Prizes will be awarded to each child whose artwork is selected. Each selected student receives a $50.00 prize.